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I'm a mom and wife, located in Indiana.  I've always loved the outdoors.  I'm an avid hiker and beginner backpacker. Actually, I love just about any outdoor sport. And I hope to share some of my adventures with you here.

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In honor of all the Outdoors Moms


I’v always loved to be outdoors, camping and adventure are in my blood.  And this is how I became the outdoors mom.  It all started, of course, with my parents, who are adventuresome themselves.  Even now, in their 70’s, they still enjoy travel and adventure (though at a slower pace).  They are big believers in the family vacation, packing up four kids in a station wagon and heading out on the road.

MOM AND THE CAMPER Mom and the station wagon

Every summer we took a vacation, including one National Lampoons-esk trip across the country to California.  Most of these trip included camping because it’s an inexpensive way to travel for a family of 6.

camping The ole’ pop-up camper

Those vacations and camping trips are the stuff of legends, stories that are told and re-told, memories re-lived over and over again.   Those family trips have stayed with me all my life, shaping me, my…

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Why hiking?

Why is hiking my favorite hobby? Well, it's ineffable really.   John Muir probably said it best. I'm tired, nerve shaken and over civilized. A trip into nature, even a short one, is necessity.  Its going home, to my soul home. Where I can think, rest and begin to feel whole again. I dare say... Continue Reading →

Off the couch

You know it's been too long since your last hike if a 1.5 mile walk down the local parade route gave you sore legs.  I've been busy doing everything but getting outdoors. Maybe it's high time I get back out there. Leave some encouraging words in the comments.  Happy 4th of July. Stay safe out... Continue Reading →


My mother raised me to love the outdoors and I hope I've raised my son to love it as much as I do. From hiking and backpacking to kayaking and mountain biking; we've had our adventures. And now that my son is grown, and I've got more time on my hands I hope to write... Continue Reading →

15 Facts about Me

Day 1 of a 30 day blogging challenge. 15 Facts about me: I majored in interior design, but never really worked in that field I'm a registered adult boy scout leader I was on the dean's list in college I've been married for 17 years I ran a half marathon in 2013 I do not... Continue Reading →

Tuesday Tips: Packing for wet weather

Quick tip: when packing for a potentially wet camping trip, pack in zip-top bags. We all hope for dry conditions when we go camping, but that almost never happens.  I think I’ve been rained on more times than not when camping.  So, I’m always prepared.  In an utter downpour there’s not much you can do... Continue Reading →

Sacking up for Cold weather camping

Turn a 40 degree bag into a 30 degree bag Sack up for cold weather camping Admittedly, I’m a fair weather camper.  I generally prefer to camp or backpack in spring or fall.  Months in advance, I had planned for an early spring weekend camping trip.  But in the days prior to the planned trip,... Continue Reading →

Going Home

Lately, I’ve been reading Women Who Run With the Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes. This is a wonderful book for all women, and I highly recommend it.  I’ll have to do a full write up in another post, but today I want to talk specifically about chapter 9; “Homing: Returning to OneSelf”.  Estes talks about... Continue Reading →


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